Much misery came about because of the typhoon.

The coach asked the players to give their 110 percent.

He has no right to do this.

He would not take the money.

We've got to warn Kenton somehow.

I can't tell you what I don't know.

He told me that Poe's novels were interesting.

Vicky likes carving pipes.

The ladies are looking after the children whose parents are employed in factories during the daytime.

I don't even know if Carl went to college or not.

He forgot my birthday.

Is this not a good time?

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Amedeo knew that he couldn't get to the airport by 2:30.

I still adore you guys.

In the rain, is it dark?

There was something I had to do.

I just sharpened my knife this morning.

Isn't that better?

Frankfurters were first sold in the United States in the 1860s.

I'll just have to improvise.

It's finished now.


When I was at school, we were caned regularly. Nowadays, it's illegal in many schools for a teacher to hit a student.

Beth is a hopeless idiot.

The appointed day is close at hand.

The problem is that it's too far away.

Vijay reached into his bag.

Hirofumi brought this on himself.

He sometimes loses hope.

She hates spiders.

I'm looking for a job in Boston.

Barrio appeared at the door.

Milo has been sober three months.

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The drawer is empty.

They look sad.

Do you still have time?

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And she'll never walk down Lime Street anymore.


She need not have kept silent.

It might not be enough.

She was doing the washing then.


I'm not censoring their articles.

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Don't play dumb. I know you.


Sherri won't have any problem getting the report finished on time.

During whose reign was that church built?

Ima is a beach bum.

I'm not your enemy, Ragnar.

You are so kind.


No one believes anything Geoff says.

Of their own accord they agreed to his plan.

Roderick is a disc jockey.


You got there before her.

There was a tornado in the village.

He came up with an answer to our problem.

If you take a nap here, you'll catch a cold.

It's hard for me to handle so much pressure.

I want this one myself.

Are you back home now?

I'm going to need help.

I assume they chose Real because he's the best person for the job.


Did you expect something else to happen?

Collin and Jarmo were engaged.

Your socks don't match.

Ted died about a year ago.

In all likelihood, you will pass the entrance exam if you use this textbook.

They're absolutely right.

His head ached.

What do you like to do?

Tao is angry at me, isn't he?


Starbuck knows how to play chess.

Roger liked writing songs. He also liked to perform his own songs on the stage.

You shall not kill.

The gallbladder is found adjacent to the liver.

I didn't drive.


He has rough manners.

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As this is a cascade with multiple layers, it shouldn't be surprising that it's slow.


We have a high regard for Professor Turner.


Shadow needs to be here tomorrow.


Some people think Tatoeba is not a school.

It may rain, and then again, it may not.

How did that happen?

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I was a criminal.


They are wanting in industry.

We were burgled once.

He's finally over her.

I looked up.

It isn't a bit cold.

We have to focus.

Rats! I've got to work overtime again.

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Where can I find the tourist's office?

This is what we want to know.

Don't watch TV until you finish your work.

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Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?

I waited for her for a long time.

The cops threw tear-gas bombs into the building.

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They say that she was born in Germany.

He has got it.

I speak French, too.

You didn't eat much lunch.

I would've told you, but Edmund made me promise not to tell.

When I travel, I don't wear armor.

Whom are you going to come with?

Word of the incident spread quickly.

His manners are not those of a gentleman.

Why didn't Tarmi wait?

Sidney certainly has the right credentials.

I was just wondering if I could borrow three hundred dollars from you. I can pay you back next Monday.

His new novel is worth reading.

If something doesn't seem right, run away!

Have you been on an express train recently?


I'd better think this over.

Would you sing at our wedding?

David is Tracy's nephew.


Andrew will be back after a while.

Scot knew Damon wouldn't want to go.

Gypsy certainly is intelligent.


Were you the bass player?

The children failed to see the daisies dancing in the moonlight.

Did you really think that was what Raghu wanted?


Burn the eyes that look at you and the hearts that are waiting for you!

They finally had to commit Sonny to an asylum.

Take no prisoners!

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You can't help what happens.

I have confidence in Ken.

We should get along just fine.

My dog is smaller than yours is.

My parents don't like my boyfriend because he's poor.


I laughed a lot.

I think you understand what I mean.

I'm four months pregnant.

Have you ever treated children?

I've admired Edgar for a long time.

A retail merchant buys wholesale and sells retail.

The bank was robbed yesterday.

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Matthieu was living rent-free in a small house not too far from us.

He has taken all this work for nothing.

She forgot to feed her dog.

"Will you be at my party tomorrow night?" "I'll try to be there."

The movie's ending was quite the scene!


I do not want to eat.

They ignored Winston.

Jean-Christophe is watching the hockey game with his friends.


Gabriel hasn't been to Boston.

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I consider myself one of you.


I lent him a book but he still hasn't returned it.

Let's see what's in the box.

We're missing something here.


We see that it's happening.


Do you think Hirofumi is planning to help us?

I'm in two minds about going.

He's tall, famous and rich.

The parade went through the crowd.

Stay there a while.

Our teacher said, "Water boils at 100 degrees."

Why would it be weird?

If I don't tell them, who will?

He did not believe anyone had the right to do so.


Toerless murdered two police officers.

Visiting hours are almost over.

To reach the North Pole is not easy.

What a terrific idea!

I'm real sorry to hear that.

Lance helped Omar climb over the fence.

The Sea of Japan naming dispute revolves around efforts to remove 'Sea of Japan' from the world's maps and replace it with 'East Sea'.

Why should I leave?

There is no answer to your question.